Scientific Evidence For The Bible

Science confirms the Bible

The Bible is plainly unlike any other book in history. Every claim it makes about the scientific evidence for the Bible is not just real, however, important for filling out the gaps of our understanding about the origin of deep space, the earth, fossils, life, and people. The more we discover and study about the world, the more we place value in the Bible’s perfect, supernatural character.

The Bible never ever declared to be a science book. The Bible declares to be “real from the start” (Psalm 119:160, KJV), so every particular referral about science need to be precise.

This is one method the Bible’s credibility can be checked. Christ Himself, the Word of God who is the author of all Scripture, asserted that we must have the ability to think whatever He states about earthly things (John 3:12).

Over the centuries the Bible has actually been carefully evaluated for clinical precision, and it has actually never ever stopped working. Not just is God’s Word constantly real; it has actually shown to be the secret to comprehending God’s world today!

In researching scientific evidence for the Bible, researchers have actually encountered all sorts of fascinating concerns about the biological and physical procedures that produced the world we see today, however they are restricted to observing, screening, and explore present procedures and animals. They can just think about the previous based upon fragmentary proof and prejudiced presumptions, which they can not clinically negate or show since they were not present to observe what took place in the remote past.

To put it simply, they should depend on their preconceived beliefs about the past. Due to the fact that human beings are minimal and imperfect observers, science is a beneficial tool however restricted.

Scientific Evidence For The Bible
Scientific Evidence For The Bible

On the other hand, God, our everlasting Creator who has all understanding, existed when He produced deep space. He has actually exposed to us in an eyewitness account, the Bible, what took place in the past to produce what we see on the planet today.

The Bible discusses when God stepped in supernaturally at bottom lines in history in manner ins which impact what astronomers, anthropologists, biologists, and geologists research study. Without this record, we would remain in the dark about these occasions, however with it we can comprehend the world we see today. (To make this point with questioners, you can point them to easily offered creationist products, consisting of comprehensive posts you’ve checked out in Answers publication, such as the “Planet Earth” problem, October– December 2008).

You can share any among a variety of widely known examples where the Bible has actually made a claim that science is just now starting to acknowledge. Claims that were made centuries before science was ever able to prove with its modern technologies.

Scientific evidence for the Bible in :

ASTRONOMY: The Bible declares deep space had a start. Scientists and thinkers turned down that claim for over 2 thousand years, today astronomers think deep space had a start, the so-called huge bang (though with a really various amount of time).

SOCIOLOGY: The Bible declares that all people are “one blood” came down from one male and one female (Acts 17:26; 1 Corinthians 15:45; Genesis 3:20). Some nineteenth-century biologists argued that various races came down from lower animals, however today genes has actually validated that there is just one mankind.

BIOLOGY: The Bible declares that God developed animals “after their kind.” Nineteenth-century biologists argued that animals progressed from other, extremely various animals, however today biology verifies that animals replicate within their own kind.

GEOLOGY: The Bible declares that God damaged the earth and the animals populating it in the around the world Flood. Nineteenth-century geologists argued that rock layers and the fossils discovered in them were formed as sediments were transferred gradually, however today geology validates that lots of rock layers were transferred catastrophically, burying fossils within just hours or minutes.

If the Bible wins hands down in every earthly thing we can check, why do individuals not trust what it states? The problem is not the reality of Scripture, however vain thinking and “willful lack of knowledge” (Romans 1:21; 2 Peter 3:5).

For further reading, we recommend Ray Comfort’s “Scientific Facts In The Bible: 100 Reasons To Believe The Bible Is Supernatural In Origin.”

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