Exegetical Evidence For The Bible

The Holy Bible has actually been downright costly. Martyrs composed it and others have actually suffered extremely for their loyalty to it. The Bible has actually been safeguarded and handed down through meticulous efforts. It has actually been translated into the language of countless peoples, often at the expense of life, not to mention time, energy, and cash. This is exactly why exegetical evidence for the Bible is so important!

Exegetical Evidence For The Bible
Only With Proper Exegesis Of The Bible

This Bible is a “treasure chest of holy delight.” It is from this Bible that we discover what the apostles taught regarding the supreme sacrifice of the Son of God. It’s from this Bible that we discover the supremacy of God in all things. It is from this Bible that we find out about what our sovereign and excellent Father necessitates of us, His reliant children.

If a wealthy uncle left his substantial inheritance to the individual identified in his will, and you understood that you were that individual, you would be extremely zealous to see that the court interpreted his will in such a way consonant with the author’s intended meaning. Or if you were frantically ill with a terminal illness, and you became aware of a physician who knew the treatment, and he made a note of a health routine for you, you would do whatever in your power to understand what the physician meant in his health program and do whatever the program required. Just how much more must we regard the Word of God to be priceless and most worthy of research study!

Exegetical Evidence For The Bible

Due to the fact that the Bible alone is the inerrant, foolproof authority for what we are to think about God and how He desires us to live, it is not a surprise that we bring a great deal of baggage to the text. By nature we do not like the idea of absolute authority living in anybody beyond ourselves. What if God commands me to do something I do not wish to do? Or what if He portrays Himself in a manner that varies from the way I believe He should be? This would result in a remarkable pressure to import our own meanings into the text instead of content ourselves with the Author’s desired meaning no matter where it leads us.

Exegetical Evidence For The Bible
Exegesis Versus Eisegesis

Hence, we require 3 things to gain exegetical evidence for the Bible and to be mindful interpreters of the Word of God. First, we need to confess we require aid which we will perish without it. Left to ourselves, and our own unaided human reason, we are hopeless. We require revelation from above. Our immortality hangs on this! Second of all, we require faith in the sovereign goodness of the Author. This faith not just releases us to go where the Bible leads us, but it urges us to go where the Bible leads us. Thirdly, we really need to find out how to read with the type of care that equates the preciousness of the Bible.

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