Exegetical Evidence For The True Gender Of Angels

Exegetical Evidence For The True Gender Of Angels



The concern of whether angels are male or female is most likely moot. Angels are spirit beings (Hebrews 1:14), and for that reason appointing them a gender is pointless. The most we can state is that Scripture depicts angels as if they were male. Let’s check out the exegetical evidence for the true gender of angels.



Every referral to angels in Scripture is in the masculine gender. The Greek word for “angel” in the New Testament, angelos, remains in the manly form. A womanly form of angelos does not exist. There are 3 genders in grammar– manly (he, him, his), womanly (she, her, hers), and neuter (it, its). Angels are never ever referred to in any gender aside from manly. In the many looks of angels in the Bible, never ever is an angel referred to as “she” or “it.” When angels appeared, they were constantly dressed as human males (Genesis 18:2, 16; Ezekiel 9:2). No angel ever appears in Scripture dressed as a female.


The only called angels in the Bible– Michael and Gabriel– are referred to in the masculine. Other recommendations to angels are always in the masculine gender. The devil, whom we presume is a fallen angel, is also referred to in manly terms: he is a “daddy” in John 8:44.


Some individuals point to Zechariah 5:9 as an exegetical evidence for female angels. The problem is that the “women” in this prophetic vision are not called angels. The truth that the women have wings in Zechariah’s vision may recommend angels to our minds, but we must be mindful about going beyond what the text in fact states.


In Matthew 22:30 Jesus says that there will be no marital relationship in heaven because we “will be like the angels in heaven.” This verse states that angels do not marry, but it stops short of discussing their “gender.” Nothing in Jesus’ declaration can be required to suggest that angels are manly, feminine, or neuter.


God is spirit (John 4:4) and does not have a “gender” any more than the angels do. In like manner, Scripture refers to angels, which are spirit beings, utilizing manly terms.


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