Scientific Evidence for One Human Race

Lots of people deal with others in a different way, depending upon these supposed racial qualities. They think those distinctions are more than simply skin deep and have ramifications for their worth as human beings, and even their position on the “evolutionary ladder.” Is that sensible? How many “races” of people are there? How did they happen, and do these distinctions warrant bias? Let’s explore the scientific evidence for one human race.
God’s Word settles this problem. There is only one race of human being. This is clear from the history discovered in Genesis.
In the beginning God created the very first man, Adam. Then He created the very first woman, Eve, from the man’s side. Adam and Eve were our original mom and dad, made in the image of God. All human beings can be traced back to these 2 people. This is made perfectly clear in Genesis 3:20, where Adam stated that Eve “was the mother of all living.”
So, if we are all descendants of Adam and Eve, we should all look practically the identical, right? How can we explain all the diversities in people?
Genesis 11 explains a time when human beings rebelled against God by settling at Babel and refusing to spread out worldwide. Because of this, God puzzled their language, and groups of people separated and moved far from one another.
Scientific Evidence for One Human Race - Displacement of people groups from the Tower of Babel
As a consequence of Babel, the people groups could certainly not effortlessly mingle. They ended up being genetically separated, meaning that they got married to and had offspring mainly within their specific group. As the years passed, each group established its own culture and methods of doing things. Genetically separated, several physical qualities ended up being more noticeable in each group. These ethnic qualities are mistakenly considered racial qualities; however there actually is only one race, the human race. All of these people were merely people.
Let’s make use of skin color to show the scientific evidence for one human race.
Scientific Evidence for One Human Race - Various skin tones
The pigment mainly responsible for everybody’s skin color is melanin. Eventually, everybody has the very same skin color– we simply have differing skin tones. The two kinds of melanin are eumelanin (brown to black) and pheomelanin (red to yellow). Their proportion identifies skin tone.
So what would trigger some people to have really dark skin while others’ skin is lighter? Where they live makes a big difference. For instance, darker skin on people residing in areas near the equator shields them from extreme sunshine, lowering their danger of skin cancer. People in greater latitudes where there is less intense sunshine need lighter skin to produce vitamin D effectively. In each case those who had the qualities conducive to residing in the area remained and reproduced. Those who didn’t either departed or died out.
Over several generations, these favorable qualities would be carried forward in the gene pool, and the less favorable qualities would tend to fall away. Therefore, genetic variability in isolated populations slowly decreases. So today people with really dark skin typically have kids with dark skin and people with really light skin typically have light-skinned kids.
Nevertheless, people with “middle brown” skin typically have kids with a much broader variety of skin tones. Why? Due to the fact that these “middle brown” people groups still have significant genetic variability with regard to skin tone.
Based upon our understanding of the inheritance of skin tone, we highly believe Adam and Eve were middle brown. This would provide the widest range of skin tones in their offspring, from really light to really dark.
Scientific Evidence for One Human Race - Genetic variation
The concept of races calls us to ask a major question: if there are various races, then which race did Christ die for? The response has everlasting repercussions.
All human beings are related as is demonstrated above in our scientific evidence for one human race. All of us can trace our origins back to the first male, Adam. As descendants of Adam, we are all sinners. As sinners, we need a Savior (Romans 5:12).


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Scientific Evidence for One Human Race